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We are committed to help restore our community and city by engaging in strategic and sustainable initiatives and partnerships.



We believe a strategic and sustainable response is required long after the flood waters have receded and the TV cameras have rolled out of town. The physical, emotional and spiritual needs will be significant for many months to come and Church Project, partnering with other organizations, non-profits and individuals, is committed to serving and loving our communities.



We have partnered with MD’s who are generously providing free consultations for those directly affected by Hurricane Harvey. We have also resourced them with prescription gift cards to distribute at their discretion.



Statistics show a trauma like a flood can lead to multiple mental health and relational issues for years to come. We are partnering with trusted counseling partners and offering scholarships to individuals, couples and families directly affected by Hurricane Harvey.                  



Are you a contractor looking for in-state employees to help re-build Houston? Are you out of work looking for employment?  

In addition, we’re looking for someone with management / recruitment expertise to manage our connector service. 


support a family

Our House Churches are connecting directly with affected families to stand with them in the coming months. There are also opportunities for you or your family to step in and offer family to family support. 


kids afterschool

Partnering with Kidville in The Woodlands, we are providing scholarships for families directly affected by Hurricane Harvey. Contact Kidville to apply for a scholarship and for sessions available. 



Mobile showers

Through a generous designated gift, we have been able to acquire a new shower/toilet trailer for use at strategic sites. Volunteer to serve or connect to request on-site service at your work-site.



Homelessness is not an issue that disappears when the flood waters recede. We are continually developing our strategic partnership with Hope Beyond Bridges as they seek to serve the marginalized in our city during this extra challenging season and beyond.


Mobile kitchen

Through a generous designated gift, we have been able to acquire a new mobile food kitchen for use at strategic sites. Volunteer to serve or connect to request on-site service at your work-site. 


home finder

We are partnering with generous Texas Realtors who have offered significant Realtor® credits to qualified new clients who have been directly affected by Hurricane Harvey.




Please see attached our list of supplies we are accepting on behalf of Church Project. If you have a bulk donation, please contact us so we can help you connect directly to a need and avoid double-handling of your donation. Donation Center is open Wednesdays 9am-4pm and Saturdays 9am-1pm.

strategic partners

We recognize it will take a massive collaborative effort of non-profits, commercial contractors and individuals to help with the re-building and restoration projects. Contact us to discuss how we can partner with you to leverage your resources for the greater good of our community.

temporary housing

Do you have an RV you could donate short term to a family in need? We can connect you to a family who would love to live on-site at their home during the re-building process.


Harvey stories

We all have a story. Your story may be the encouragement that someone else needs to hear today. Share your Harvey story here and take a moment to read and watch the below Harvey related stories.